Chirillov Sergiu
Dochien Ghennadi
Pihut Alexander
3D animator
Matievski Alexander

Gecko is a high-end visual effects studio based in Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2019 by Sergiu Chirillov, a Visual Effects Supervisor with more than 20 years experience as part of a multi award-winning team, the studio quickly became one of the most sought after VFX boutiques in the region and beyond.  With a team of     exceptional and highly dedicated experts, Gecko VFX delivers a full range of post production services: concept, design, direction, high-end color grading, tricky compositing, 2D & 3D visual effects, onset supervising, previs, and animation.

Our tight knit team welcomes the opportunity to work with our clients to deliver content that best showcases their product, intent and visual goals.

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